Nina Sublatti Releases Acoustic Version of ‘Warrior’ – Countdown Eurovision 2015 (Video)

nina sublatti warrior georgia

In the continuing Countdown to Eurovision 2015, today’s video is from the spectacular Nina Sublatti, who has just released an acoustic version of her Eurovision song ‘Warrior‘. Nina, of course, is representing Georgia at Eurovision 2015.

What’s interesting about this video is it was already obvious what an incredible voice Nina Sublatti has with the original version of ‘Warrior’, but when you hear her song here with just a guitar and a harmony, you can hear just how incredible her voice is. She’ll do well at Eurovision 2015. I’m convinced of it.

The guitarist on this lovely acoustic version is Zviad Mgebrishvili. Watch it below.


And for more from Nina, you can listen to her debut album ‘Dare To Be Nina Sublatti’ in its entirety on YouTube. It has some amazing tracks on it, and is well worth more than just a quick listen. I’ve had it on repeat for weeks.

Michelle Topham