Norway’s Alexander Rybak Talks About Eurovision, Love and Conchita Wurst (Video)

alexander rybak

There’s a lovely video up on Eurovision’s official YouTube channel of a recent interview with Norway’s Alexander Rybak. Rybak, you may remember, was not only the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, he is also the person who won the competition with more points than anyone else has ever achieved to date. 387 to be exact.

Now, Eurovision has caught up with him to ask about what he is doing (he’s just written and recorded Into a Fantasy for the sountrack of How to Train Your Dragon 2).

While talking to him, they also wondered what he would have felt if he hadn’t won Eurovision (he would have still been happy as he just wanted to compete).

If he regrets not being with Ingrid, his true love, and what he thought of this year’s winner, Conchita Wurst (he’s very happy she won but…….)

Watch the video below for what else he says about her and her performance, and please do forgive him when he gets a little bit confused with which personal pronouns to use when talking about her. It is a common thing.

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