Official Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Album Goes on Sale April 20th


Eurovision Song Contest organizers have announced the official Eurovision Song Contest album will go on sale on April 20th. Like every year, the album will include every song sung in the Eurovision competition — in 2015 that means all 40 of them, so this one is a bumper year.

The official Eurovision Song Contest album will be released both in a CD copy and digitally on April 20th, so it will be easy for most fans to buy no matter where you live. Plus, with it being the 60th anniversary of the competition, this one really is a nice keepsake.


Don’t forget too, if you didn’t grab the album for Eurovision 2014 yet, you can get that at the same time. Where? In the official Eurovision Song Contest Shop, of course.

As for the digital download of the Eurovision 2015 album, that will be available on iTunes, Deezer and Spotify with a pre-order possible a few days before its release.

Personally, I don’t buy Eurovision albums before the competition, as I like to hear the songs live on stage while they still feel relatively fresh to me. I will be picking this one up, though, right after the Eurovision 2015 final. How about you?

Michelle Topham