Olivia Munn Says ‘No’ She’s Not Engaged to Aaron Rogers (Video)

olivia munn engaged aaron rogers

Did actress Olivia Munn just get engaged to Aaron Rogers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers? Because there has been a rumor going around that she did.

Well, if you’re an Olivia Munn fan and desperately in love with her, you can rest easy as, according to Munn, who was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, no, she did not get engaged to Rogers. Not yet at least.

Ellen asked her about the rumor, wanting to know “So how does something like that get started?”

Munn explained “There was just a magazine that said it, and then everybody started going with it. It was kind of strange. I didn’t think anybody believed it until my family started texting me.”

Apparently, even Munn’s sister thought it may be true, until Munn told her otherwise.

Michelle Topham