Olivia Wilde’s Stuff Was ‘Jiggling’ She Hilariously Tells David Letterman (Video)

olivia wilde naked boobies jiggling david letterman


You’ve gotta love Olivia Wilde. She’s not only beautiful and smart, she also has such a great sense of humour and no more so than last night on The David Letterman Show when she talked about having to shoot scenes for her new movie ‘Third Person’. Naked.

According to Olivia, not only do Europeans have a completely different take on the naked body (parts of the film were shot in Italy), but nobody should have to run downstairs when naked and certainly not ever have anyone film it.

Luckily for Olivia, the scenes of her doing the naked ‘jiggle’ were edited out of Third Person, so she doesn’t have to keep watching the mortification over and over again. But…..hearing her talk about it to David Letterman is hilarious. Watch her below.

Michelle Topham