Olly Murs Performs Troublemaker Live at Radio 1′s Big Weekend (Video)


English singer and songwriter Olly Murs performed Troublemaker live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Derry and, boy, was he good.

In fact, every time I see him on stage at events like this, I have a hard time believing Murs was only the runner-up in The X Factor, as he’s a true star in every sense of the word.


No worries, though, as the Derry crowd obviously thought the same thing. They went wild as soon as Olly came on stage and were soon singing with him every second of the way.

But when he asked “Where’s all my troublemakers?”, first the screams and then the singing got even louder. After all, is that just a perfect song or what?

If, like me, you missed Radio 1’s Big Weekend live, no worries. At least check out the Radio 1 video below of Olly Murs performing Troublemaker.

Now, wasn’t that worth a few minutes of your time.



Michelle Topham