Olly Murs Tells Graham Norton About His ‘Rear of the Year’ Award (Video)

olly murs rear of the year award graham norton


British singer Olly Murs doesn’t just have an amazing voice, and a great personality. He apparently also has an amazing ass, if Murs’ award for ‘Rear of the Year‘ is anything to go by.

On The Graham Norton Show last week, Murs was asked about his amazing ass and his recent ‘Rear of the Year‘ award, which culminated in Olly Murs not only being presented with his ‘Rear of the Year’ trophy from none other than Jennifer Aniston, but also him showing off his party trick.

Moving his butt cheeks in time to music.

Watch the hilarious Murs on Graham Norton below and, of course, his fabulous ass. Isn’t he lovely?


Michelle Topham