One Room anime getting Season 3 with more girls to obsess over

One Room, one of the most poorly-rated anime series in the west, is getting a third season it was announced yesterday.

When it does, there will be even more young girls to obsess over.

If you are an anime fan that has not yet watched One Room, all you need to know is the show is a series of shorts that are filmed from you the viewer’s point of view.

In each of the 4-minute episodes, you are a male protagonist who never speaks. Instead you meet, and are spoken to, by a mini harem of three young girls — university applicant Hanasaka Yui, your imoutu  Momohara Natsuki, and your childhood friend Aoshima Moka.

You tutor them, you go to the public baths with them and, of course, the girls being completely compliant, they make meals for you. All while talking to you about the most mundane of things.

In other words, if you are a stalker, an incel, or an aspiring pedophile, this anime is for you. (I’m joking, as One Room is not even that risqué. It’s really just cute — and a little bit strange).

One Room Season 3

There is, of course, a huge audience for One Room as well whether that is in the west or elsewhere.  At least if Season 3 being on its way is anything to go by.

Although some guys in the west that are fine with a bit of fan service seem to hate the anime, so who knows where that audience is hiding?

As one reviewer on Crunchyroll commented in his review titled “Great for all you aspiring Stalkers/Creepers/Murderers out there!

Are you tired of trying to achieve the lofty goal of being on various Government watch lists, but aren’t making any progress?
Well now you can jump-start your march down the road to being a future shut-in stalker murderer with these short tutorial videos!

Yes, for some people, that pretty much describes One Room.

One Room Season 3 will air later on this year, and will again star M.A.O. as Yui, and Rie Murakawa as both Natsuki and as Minori.

The original story is by Eiji Mano, with scripts being written by Aose Shimoi. Animation is by Zero-G (My Roomate is a Cat). The series will be executive produced by Shinichiro Ueda.

Watch the One Room Season 3 trailer below, although it won’t tell you much except prove that the girls are cute.

If that is your thing though, and you are looking for your perfect waifu, hey, more power to ya!


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