Otherside Picnic English-dub cast includes AmaLee and Emily Neves — Yay!!

While the recent series Otherside Picnic wasn’t massively popular, I am one of those anime fans that enjoyed it for its cool artwork, interesting characters and unusual plot.

And, while I don’t watch English-dubbed anime as much as its original Japanese counterpart, plenty of people do.

Those people then should really look into the English-dubbed Otherside Picnic, which has just had its English dub cast and staff announced today by Funimation.

Especially if you like an anime that’s a little bit different than the norm.

The Otherside Picnic English dub cast includes two of my favorites from English-dubbed anime — AmaLee (Hougetsu Shimamura in Adachi and Shimamura) who is playing Akari Seto, and Emily Neves (Tatsuko Gakumazawa in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya) who voices Toriko Nishina.

Others in the Otherside Picnic English-dub released today include:

  • Madeleine Morris as Sorawo Kamikoshi
  • Sarah Wiedenheft as Kozakura
  • Michelle Rojas as Natsumi Ichikawa
  • Z. Charles Bolton as Will Drake
  • Christopher Guerrero as Ray Barker
  • Billy Kametz as Greg
  • Chris Wehkamp as Abarato
  • Katelyn Barr as Kankandara
  • Michelle Lee as Lady Hasshaku

Otherside Picnic is based on the yuri novel Urasekai Picnic written by Iori Miyazawa.

All 12 episodes of the Otherside Picnic English-dub version will be streaming at once on Funimation. Check it out.

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