Ott Lepland’s ‘Kuula’ – Soul-Grabbing: Repeat Rotation Video

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It seems like nowadays, there are many good things in my life I have to thank Conchita Wurst for. Not just her, for being her, but also for other things she’s leading me to. Like this, for instance. The Eurovision 2012 entry from Estonia. Sung by a singer called Ott Lepland, the song ‘Kuula‘ is something I simply managed to miss. Heavens knows how.

But today, while reading Eurovision Ireland, the lovely Garrett Mulhall’s website, I came across an older La Wurst article I hadn’t seen and, almost hidden at the bottom of the page, was this little comment “When Conchita and her Manager René were in discussions with ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster) on how to stage “Rise Like A Phoenix” on the Eurovision Stage, they used the performance of Ott Lepland’s “Kuula” from Eurovision 2012 as inspiration.”

Intrigued, I checked it out.

What I found was a powerful, soul-grabbing song that was as simple in its singing as it was in its staging – two things that made the end result even more striking. And yes, a definite precursor to the stunning winning performance Conchita Wurst gave at Eurovision two years later.

The English lyrics to Ott Lepland’s “Kuula” are just as beautiful as they sound in Estonian . The title itself means ‘Listen’. Here is what the rest of the song means.

Listen to the horizon
Listen to how far it takes you
Listen to what the wind has to say
Watch as darkness approaches
Wait – the light remains within us
Listen to how your land breathes
Listen now
Listen to what has fallen silent
Just listen to these simple moments
Listen – my heart has a voice

The path has passed into shadow
I look and keep on looking
Silence has the power to resound
I wait for you here, halfway there
Listen to my voice calling you
Listen to what has fallen silent
Just listen to these simple moments
Listen – my heart has a voice

Listen me now

‘Kuula’ was written by Aapo Ilves and composed by Ott Lepland.

It’s now my Repeat Rotation Video for today as, having just come back from a lunch of Mexican food and one more margarita than I probably should have drunk, I needed something ballad-like and mellow. ‘Kuula’ suits perfectly.

And thank you to Conchita Wurst, who just keeps filling my life with lovely things.


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