Our Blooming Youth Ep 20 earns largest audience of drama with 1.2 percent increase over Ep 19

As I predicted yesterday, Our Blooming Youth, Episode 20 ended the Korean historical drama’s run last night with its largest audience ever, earning over 1.2 percent higher ratings than its previous episode.

Nielsen Korea reports the final episode of the tvN drama garnered 4.87 percent nationwide in Seoul, and an even higher 5.96 in Seoul.

That placed the drama in first place in its time slot in both regions, and earned the Park Hyung Sik, Jeon So Nee-led drama over .6 percent higher ratings nationwide than even its first episode.

An episode that garnered the most viewers up until last night’s finale.

International fans comment on Our Blooming Youth, Episode 20

International fans too seemed to be flocking to watch the long-awaited finale.

On My Drama List, fans mostly commented that, while they didn’t feel it was anything any different in the historical K-drama field, they still enjoyed most aspects of the drama.

A number did comment, however, that the Our Blooming Youth ending itself, especially the ending for the female and male leads, felt a little rushed and that the romance they had expected was slightly lacking.

Over on Viki, fans were more complimentary about the Our Blooming Youth, Episode 20 finale.

Yes, several of them also felt the ending was rushed, but still commented they enjoyed the tvN drama. A couple also pointed out the chemistry between the leads was superb, and that Park Hyung Sik was the definite standout.

As I am only currently watching Episode 17 of the period drama, I cannot yet comment on its ending. But I can say, as historical K-dramas go, this one is highly enjoyable.

If you haven’t yet watched it, Our Blooming Youth, Episode 20 is now available for streaming outside Korea via Viki. Enjoy.

And, if you don’t mind a spoiler, here is the sweetest scene from it. (No English subtitles, so you will still have something new to look forward to in the episode itself).


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