Oxygen Not Included’s updates include disease and water system changes (video)

Oxygen Not Included‘s updates include disease and water system changes, reworked biomes and keyboard shortcuts

Don’t play Vancouver-based Klei Entertainment‘s Oxygen Not Included. Not if you don’t want to lose weeks of your life. Literally. Because Oxygen Not Included is one of the best simulation games I have played in ages and a massive, massive time suck.

It is also a game that is still in Steam Early Access, with new content being added regularly.

In Klei Entertainment’s new Rhymes with Play’ devcast this week the developers showed off some of the latest new content, with several major changes coming down the pipeline soon.

These include a new timer so you will now know when you should be getting the next duplicant, as well as a lot of information about how the disease system is changing.

This is going to be a big game changer for those of us who have been playing the game a lot, as the changes to the disease system will now mean the old diseases will be gone and new diseases will be popping up.

Characters will also be able to pick up germs depending on what they are doing and, as they walk around and interact with things, spread the disease throughout your base. The disease will then continue to weaken the character’s immune system until they are not just a carrier but also a victim of the disease.

Immunity will be able to be re-charged with the natural progression to that, of course, being that the devs are also working on disease prevention and cures. One of these will be improving hand wash units so they actually do have an impact on if and how a disease spreads.

The farming overlay and the water overlay are also getting changes, with farming including new mushroom crops and the water overlay including the ability to control where dupes get their water from.

Being able to control your dupes water grabbing is a huge deal as, currently, they just wander around and get it from wherever they find it. If you’re using the water to grow algae habitats, for instance, that can really screw with your game. And, yes, it’s happened to me. And it’s annoying.

There will also be reworked biomes and new keyboard shortcuts for the Oxygen Not Included priority system.

Of course, as the game is still in development, some of these changes may not actually appear as things do change before they go live on Steam Early Access. But watch the devs discuss them in the video below to get a sense of what they are planning.

And, if you have not seen Oxygen Not Included played in depth yet, I highly recommend Biffa‘s series. He currently has 90 videos playing the game with more added every week. You can watch that below as well.

Michelle Topham

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