Ozzy Osbourne Gets Global Icon Award at MTV European Music Awards (Video)

ozzy and sharon osbourne on red carpet


The incredibly cool Ozzy Osbourne was given the Global Icon Award at the MTV European Music Awards in Glasgow last weekend. He’s been producing some pretty amazing music for more than three decades now, and MTV felt it was about time he was rewarded for it.

Guns N’Roses guitarist Slash presented Ozzy with the award saying, “For four decades the Prince of Darkness has rocked anyone who dared to listen. This is a guy who does not know how to do ordinary. He scares the hell out of most people and all bats. But to me is a gentle man and a gentleman.”


As for Ozzy, he seemed a bit bemused by the whole thing although, of course, very honored to be being called a ‘Global Icon’.

On the red carpet before the event, Ozzy said, “I’m in shock. I don’t know where they got that from,……I don’t know what to say really.”

Osbourne was at the ceremony with his wife, Sharon, who said she was “So proud” of him.

Watch the couple on the red carpet below. Awwwwww, isn’t he lovely?

Michelle Topham