Pablo Alborán’s ‘Recuérdame’ is a Soul-Grabbing Ballad, and So Beautiful: Repeat Rotation Video

pablo alboran recuerdeme

Pablo Alborán’s official video for ‘Recuérdame‘ is on repeat today

Spanish singer Pablo Alborán’s official video for ‘Recuérdame‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today. It’s a soul-grabbing ballad, and so typically Spanish in its sound with its lovely melody, and the way the song builds beautifully to a big chorus. Plus, the official video for ‘Recuérdame‘ was just released a couple of days ago, and it’s beautiful. So what better day than today to have it playing on repeat.

As for Pablo Alborán, he’s relatively new on the Spanish music scene with his first studio album only releasing in 2011. But, he’s been huge ever since, with all three of his albums hitting number one in Spain, and going multiple platinum.

I’m also guessing he’s going to be giving the incredible Alejandro Sanz a run for his money, as far as staying power goes. After all, Alborán has the voice, the self-written songs and, yes, he’s gorgeous.

As for ‘Recuérdame‘, in English it means ‘Remember Me‘, it’s from Alborán’s third studio album Terral, which was my Daily Album yesterday, and it’s his third single from it.

Watch it below.


Michelle Topham