Paloma Faith ‘Trouble With My Baby’ Live from BBC Proms 2014 (Video)

paloma faith trouble with my baby bbc proms 2014


I try not to write back-to-back posts about artists — variety is the spice of life, ya know? But sometimes I come across something, like this video of Paloma Faith singing ‘Trouble With My Baby‘ live from the BBC Proms 2014, and I just have to share. Back-to-back or not.

Just look at the energy and the emotion in that performance, and how she completely lets go of any thought or care about what she looks like, and sings her heart out with that song. It’s no wonder she’s thought of as one of the UK’s best singers ever, and one of those people you have to see live, as she never disappoints.

Here’s Paloma Faith singing ‘Trouble With My Baby’ live in Edinburgh back in July. See what I mean?

As for Paloma Faith at the BBC Proms, this performance was back in September, but the video just went up on her YouTube channel this week. Enjoy.

Michelle Topham