Pamela Adlon Played a Girl Who Grew a Penis in Teen Film ‘Milly/Willy’ (Video)


Remember how fabulously raunchy and rude Pamela Adlon was playing the part of Marcy Runkle on ‘Californication‘? Well, it seems Adlon had a part in a movie long before ‘Californication‘ that might have been even more raunchy than she was in that fine series.

Okay, not really, as it was a comedy targeted towards teens, but ‘Milly/Willy‘ certainly had its strange moments. Especially when Milly, played by Pamela Adlon, grows a penis overnight.

Adlon was on Conan this week where she talked about one of the first films she ever starred in this way.

“I played a girl whose deepest, darkest wish is to be a boy. So Seth Green sells me a crystal that I throw at the moon on the night of an eclipse, and I wake up the next day and I have a penis”.

But, this being Conan, it gets better as, if you didn’t have the chance to see ‘Milly/Willy‘ no worries. Conan had the trailer.

Watch it, and the fabulous Pamela Adlon, in the video below.