Paranoia Agent on Blu-ray — Satoshi Kon’s masterpiece releasing in 2021

The weird, strange and wonderful Japanese anime series Paranoia Agent is releasing on Blu-ray in 2021. Lil’ Slugger fans are going to be ecstatic.

The news came today from the official Twitter account of MVM Entertainment, who simply tweeted:

From the creator of Perfect Blue and Paprika. Lil’ Slugger returns for the first time on Blu-Ray. Batter up…


No word yet though on if the Paranoia Agent Blu-ray will be the cut or the uncut version of the series, although from tweets on MVM’s account after the announcement, most fans are interested in the uncut version only.

The cut in Episode 8 of Paranoia Agent, as you may remember, occurred in the UK and several other countries when a scene of over 1 minute was removed due to three characters trying to hang themselves.

Hopefully, that scene will be included on the Paranoia Agent Blu-ray version.

As for the original premiere of the anime series, that occurred in 2004 followed by a DVD release of the anime in 2005. Sadly, it was in four volumes, which made it quite expensive to purchase.

With Paranoia Agent on Blu-ray, however, it should be on one disc and, with only 13 episodes really shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.



The Paranoia Agent storyline

Just in case you haven’t yet watched Paranoia Agent, and you should as it is an iconic anime, this is how the story goes:

When the darkness overcomes the heart, Lil’ Slugger appears…”
After the first victim’s story, the police felt the overly stressed woman was having a breakdown and lied to cover-up for some crime. However, after the third and fourth attacks upon unrelated victims led to the same description of a young attacker with a golden baseball bat and in-line skates, the police had to wonder – is the “Lil’ Slugger” real or some kind of sinister phantom?

Paranoia Agent was directed by Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Millenium Actress, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers), a renowned Japanese director who produced some of the most admired anime works ever created, and who sadly died of pancreatic cancer at the age of just 46-years-old in 2010.

A release date for Paranoia Agent on Blu-ray has not yet been announced, just the somewhat loose date of 2021.


Michelle Topham