Passenger’s ‘Somebody’s Love’ Video Has a Boat on Fire and a Stark Icelandic Landscape

passenger somebody's love video

English singer-songwriter Passenger has released the first single from his upcoming eighth album Young As The Morning Old As The Sea. Called ‘Somebody’s Love‘, the track is another slow, sweet, beautifully mellow ballad, the likes of which Passenger has become very famous for in the last few years.

The video for ‘Somebody’s Love‘ is the same kind of mellow, as it features Passenger in a boat rowing across a lake, with the only drama the occasional appearance of flames. Flames that eventually consume the entire boat.

And, no, these were not special effects as Passenger readily admitted. The video was shot in the stark landscape of Iceland, and “we actually set the boat on fire…with me in it”, the singer explained to Rolling Stone.


Somebody’s Love‘ was written by Passenger. The album is due out on September 23rd via Nettwerk, and was co-produced by Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) and Chris Vallejo (INXS). You can pick up the single on all major digital music sites.

Watch the video for the lead single below. It really is lovely.

Michelle Topham