Patricia Arquette on Oscar Red Carpet Says Family Loves Her Whether She Wins or Not (Video)

patricia arquette oscar red carpet


Patricia Arquette was on the Oscar red carpet tonight, where she was asked what an Oscar win for ‘Boyhood‘ would mean for her and her family. She responded that she thought her family was shocked and happy that they were there, but doesn’t think they mind either way. After all, they love her no matter what.

Arquette went on to say how much she had loved working on ‘Boyhood‘, and with director Richard Linklater, and that the movie had “broken the mold’ in Hollywood, because people were saying maybe new movies were “like Boyhood“, so more of them were getting made. Particularly those from new directors.


Watch Patricia Arquette on the Oscar red carpet below. And, yes, I love that dress. And, yes, I think she’s going to win.


Michelle Topham