Patsy Kensit Launches Preciously Perfect Beauty Line in London


British actress and beauty columnist Patsy Kensit has just launched her new five-piece beauty collection, with a launch party at the Corinthia Hotel in London earlier today to present her new products.

Called Preciously Perfect, the collection includes a skin firming serum, a a dual mask and cleanser, an eye cream, anti-wrinkle day moisturizer and a heavy duty night cream. Kensit helped formulate them

The products are made from natural ingredients that have been used in beauty products for centuries, including coconut oil, bergamot, extract of papaya and bamboo.


If you want to know more, Patsy Kensit will also be talking about her new collection on Ideal World on Thursday, 26th March at 10pm.

And can I just say it’s hard to believe she’s 47, so something she is using must be working.

Michelle Topham