People Hate Nick Offerman Without His Mustache He Tells Conan (Video)

nick offerman without mustache

Nick Offerman without his mustache freaks people out

Poor Nick Offerman. The character actor shaved off his iconic mustache, and now he’s getting hate tweets on Twitter because, apparently, most of his fans hate Offerman without a mustache so much they’re now freaking out.

Personally, while I wouldn’t say I hate it, and I certainly wouldn’t send him tweets telling him that, I do think Nick Offerman looks better with a mustache.

But. It is his face, and he can do whatever he wants to with it. Even if you don’t like it.

Watch Nick Offerman telling Conan about his mustache-less face and the hate he’s getting in the video below.

Like I said, poor Nick Offerman.


Michelle Topham