Perfume Genius Sings ‘Hood’ Live on KEXP: Repeat Rotation Video

perfume genius singing hood live at KEXP

Indie pop/baroque pop singer songwriter Perfume Genius should be more famous than he is. He just should.


His voice is beautiful, he writes all his own music, and he is what I would call ‘brave’. He puts himself out there as completely original and absolutely who he is, whether other people like what he does and who he is, or not.

Perfume Genius was at Seattle’s KEXP radio back in September where he sang ‘Hood‘ live, and that is what I have been playing as my Repeat Rotation Video today.

It’s a poignant song, beautiful and touching and he sings it perfectly here.

As for the lyrics, ‘Hood‘ is about how scared we all often are that, if the person we love really knew who we actually are, they wouldn’t love us.

Listen to Perfume Genius singing ‘Hood‘ live at KEXP below. I can’t get enough of it.

And, if you like what you hear, don’t miss Perfume Genius’ equally mesmerizing performance on Late Night with David Letterman a few weeks ago.


Michelle Topham