PewDiePie Says He’s Happy Now YouTube Comments Are Turned Off (Video)



YouTube’s PewDiePie says he’s happy now YouTube comments are turned off on his channel and he intends to keep it that way.

According to a new video thanking subscribers and viewers for their support, PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, decided to turn off YouTube comments in September after so many incidences of trolling, spamming and general nastiness in his comments section he found reading them was becoming extremely upsetting.

In the video, PewDiePie said, “Before I turned off my comments, things were going downhill I would say. So, making that change I feel like we’ve been going back up, and that’s been making me really happy. It’s making me really enjoy what I do, which is just something very important to me’.

PewDiePie is, of course, YouTube’s biggest gamer. By filming video games he plays, and commenting on them as he plays them, he currently has more than 31 million subscribers, and reportedly makes more than $4 million a year doing so.

So, for PewDiePie to turn of his YouTube comments was a big deal, as some industry analysts believe having comments disabled can affect the number of views a YouTuber gets and, thus, the income they make.

Of course, PewDiePie is not the only prominent YouTube gamer to turn off comments. Other YouTube gamers, The Yogscast, did it last year after they also experienced a similar incidence of trolling, spamming and nastiness in their comments section.

The Yogscast’s comments remained disabled for a few months but were turned back on again late last year. A mistake, I’d have to say.

After all, if you read just about any gamer’s YouTube channel, you’ll find some of the foulest, nastiest and most spammy comments, with little regard for who reads them or how it makes them feel.

Gamers and other YouTubers have also appealed to Google for help in the past (YouTube is owned by Google), but they have seemed unable or unwilling to do much about it.

Other than forcing viewers to sign up with a Google + account if they wanted to comment, a solution that completely failed to stop trolls and spammers and was soon stopped by Google themselves, they have left it completely to the YouTube channel owner to decide if they enable or disable comments.

That’s why Gamers like PewDiePie have ended up feeling like they have no other option but to disable comments.

All I can say is thank you PewDiePie for finally doing it. It makes watching your videos so much more pleasant an experience for me, the viewer, so I can only imagine how happy you must feel.


Michelle Topham