Phenderix Ultimate Magic System Skyrim Mod is Awesome (Video)

Phenderix Ultimate Magic System Skyrim mod, also known as ‘PUMS’, has been updated recently and it’s beginning to look incredibly good.

The updated version of PUMS adds 50 more spells to Skyrim, and they’re introduced in a really interesting way.

You start with everything already learned by your characters, plus five new elemental spells. You then get four new modifiers in the ‘Powers’ section. That means you just equip one or two of any of the spells you want, and then activate a modifier. What results is quite spectacular.

For more information on how the Phenderix Ultimate Magic System Skyrim mod works, watch the Brodual video below. As usual, they do a great job of showcasing the mod and giving well-deserved kudos to the modder,

You can download Phenderix Ultimate Magic System (PUMS) at Skyrim Nexus.


Michelle Topham