Phil Fish Says Fez 2 Cancelled and He’s Leaving Game Industry: Should We Believe Him?

Phil Fish says Fez 2 is cancelled and he’s leaving the video game industry

One thing you can honestly say about Phil Fish, creator of the successful indie game Fez, he acts like a spoiled baby. If things don’t go his way, he’s online on Twitter in minutes swearing obnoxiously and generally verbally abusing people he doesn’t agree with. This weekend, however, Phil Fish has announced on Twitter that Fez 2 is cancelled and he’s leaving the game industry. Should we believe him? Unfortunately, probably not.

What’s wrong with Phil Fish?

The bad thing about Phil Fish is he’s a child. Unable to control his emotions for two seconds, if someone says something about Fez or Fish himself that he doesn’t like or agree with, he goes into full meltdown mode.

Unfortunately, he’s also a master at dishing out the abuse himself (note the nasty things he’s said about Japanese games, PC games, to gamers who criticized Fez and, even to GOG, when he was bitching about the amount of money GOG takes as a cut after they had been nice enough to allow Fez to be sold there).

But, even for Phil Fish, the nastiness took a new turn this weekend after he decided to go after video game journalist Marcus Beer, after Beer talked about what an unpleasant tosser Fish is on the gaming show “Invisible Walls”.

This was Phil Fish’s response to Beer on Twitter:

“And you’re right. we’re VERY successful. and we’re not going anywhere. get used to it you middle-aged parasite. Compare your life to mine and then kill yourself.”

He then followed that up with a usual self-obsessed comment on Polytron’s website:

FEZ II is cancelled.
i am done.
i take the money and i run.
this is as much as i can stomach.
this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.

you win.

My response, and the response of literally thousands of gamers who also had the misfortune to read Phil Fish’s self-involved drivel?


“Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and, by the way, please…….don’t come back. Not if being a verbally-abusive, temper-trantrum controlled blowhard is the only way you can behave”.


Michelle Topham