Pink thought Robbie Williams was a chef and emailed him about salmon (video)

Pink thought Robbie Williams was a chef and emailed him about salmon

Although I absolutely adore the brilliant singer songwriter Pink and everything she does, I must admit I did find it funny today when I discovered that, apparently, Pink has a tendency to be just as dizzy as me.

I learned about this while watching a segment of the brilliant The Graham Norton Show that will be airing later on tonight, when Graham asked fellow guests Robbie Williams and Pink if they had actually met before.

“We’ve met before. Once in Los Angeles,” replied Williams, “We’ve got a mutual friend, and her mutual friend got a hold of me on email and said “Pink wants to talk to you, is it alright if I give her your email?”, and I’m like “Please do”, as I was very excited to find out what Pink wanted”.

Needless to say, when Pink’s emails began to arrive and they weren’t exactly about anything Williams understood, he was suddenly very confused.

And he looked across at Pink sitting on Graham’s red couch and said, “And then you sent an email back, and I’m not making head nor tail of this. I don’t understand it at all. And then there were like several emails before you were like, “Wait! Are you Robbie the Chef?”.

Robbie Williams immediately replied. “No, I”m Robbie the Williams”.

As all the guests on the sofa, including Pink, laughed, Graham asked “What were you saying to him?”


“I think I was asking him about salmon? I don’t remember”, said Pink.

“I tried my best to meet her,” laughed Williams.

Watch the funny conversation below. Yep Pink, for all her brilliance, is as dizzy as I am sometimes.

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