Pixie Lott at V Festival Says She Loves the Crowd, the Venue and the Band (Video)

pixie lott v festival

Pixie Lott was at V Festival at Weston Park, Staffordshire over the weekend and loved it so much she was practically gushing about her experience in an interview with ITN Productions’ ODE channel yesterday.

According to Lott, the crowd at V Festival were amazing, the venue is cool and being able to sing with a full band was awesome. She wasn’t, however, too enamoured of the porta toilets, which she said were absolutely disgusting.

Pixie performed a variety of songs at V Festival, both new tracks from her third album and some of the old favorites the crowd asked for — an album Pixie Lott is very happy with, even if it did take quite a while to produce and release.


For more with the delightful Pixie Lott at V Festival, watch the ODE video below.


Michelle Topham