Play It Cool, Guys Vol 5 English release out – our favorite airheads go to Bear Cub Land

The popular comedy, slice-of-life manga Play It Cool, Guys Volume 5 is now out in English in both digital and paperback versions.

Like its previous volumes, the latest volume of the manga series features a couple of our favorite airheads on its cover — this time with novelist Motoharu Igarashi front and center, and office worker Takayuki Mima in the background.

Play It Cool, Guys, Volume 5 continues on from where we left off in Volume 4 with the guys getting together to take a trip.

Yen Press explains the Play It Cool, Guys Volume 5 plot like this:

The squad of goofballs is back to spill the tea on the good, the bad, and the clumsy from their childhoods! But why stop there when they can take five from the daily grind with a trip to Bear Cub Land? Playtime’s not over yet, so strap in for the ride of your life!


Play It Cool, Guys Volume 5 cover art featuring Motoharu Igarashi and Takayuki Mima

Play It Cool, Guys, Volume 5 details

Written and illustrated by Kokone Nata, like the other volumes, the latest in the series is trim size of 5.75″x8.25″, and has 152 pages in total.

With five tankōbon volumes out in Japan so far, the new English release now means we are up-to-date with the original Japanese version of the manga.

The latest volume of the comedy slice-of-life manga officially came out on February 13th, which means you can now buy it on the usual platforms via Yen Press.

Fans of the anime (see trailer below), which was adapted from the manga series will enjoy having the new volume in their collection, as you get the same cozy feeling from the Play It Cool, Guys manga as you did from the popular anime series.

And yep, every guy in it may be cute but they are still as big of a bunch of goofballs as they always were.


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