PlayStation 3 Diablo 3: Don’t Buy It If You Hate Being Ripped Off

Not much to say about this one. It’s the Diablo 3 – PlayStation 3 muti-player trailer and it shows four players looting in Diablo 3. The message from us on the release of PlayStation 3 Diablo 3? Don’t buy it if you hate being ripped off.

Trouble is, whether it’s on the PS3 or not, it’s still Diablo 3. Gameplay still sucks, servers still have issues and the auction house seems to be severely broken — even if it is being released on PlayStation 3, it’s still one of the worst games ever released.

Of course, you’d think after the 10 years Blizzard had this P.O.S. in development they could have produced a better game, or fixed the one they released. But noooooo, they’re now releasing the same piece of broken garbage on PlayStation 3, and subjecting a whole new group of poor conned gamers to their rubbish product.

So, just a message to all those PlayStation 3 owners out there who may be thinking of buying PlayStation 3’s Diablo 3. Don’t buy it, if you hate being ripped off.

Not unless you want to waste your money on a broken game with so many problems you’ll end up wanting to pitch your console out of your 15 storey window.

And, if you don’t believe me, just read the reviews for Diablo 3. That game is currently getting 2 out of 5 stars on sites all over the Internet. Do you really think the PS3 version will be better?

Michelle Topham