PlayStation 4 Includes Mono Headset: Check It Out (Video)

Sony wants to remind you the PlayStation 4 includes a mono headset, just in case you planned on buying an Xbox One and didn’t know that it didn’t. In fact, not only doesn’t the Xbox One (Xbone?) include a mono headset, it also doesn’t include headphones of any kind and it will set you back at least another $20 to get some.

Meanwhile the PlayStation 4 mono headset will let you play games and chat to friends, and the PlayStation 4 is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

If there was ever any doubt who has won the war of the consoles, your really shouldn’t be in doubt now. Watch the video below to see the console war winner, and you’ll even see the included mono headset in action.

As for me? I just pre-ordered a PlayStation 4. Best decision I ever made, with PlayStation 4 included mono headset and all.