Pokemon X & Y To Get DLC? Pokemon Company President Says Very Likely

Pokemon is coming up on a second generation of fans it’s been around for so long. Yet that hasn’t stopped the upcoming Pokemon X & Y from looking like being yet another smash hit. But, after what was heard coming from the Pokemon Company’s E3 2012 round table today, I think it could be going to get even more popular. That’s because they’re now considering Pokemon X & Y getting DLC.

Dude, I don’t buy much DLC but I’d buy that..

At the E3 roundtable Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara said, although there’s no specific DLC to announce right now it’s something that is likely to be released for Pokemon X & Y. That means you’ll be able to extend your Pokemon X & Y gaming pleasure even longer. More adventures, more extras and possibly even more characters.

Excited? What me?

Pokemon X & Y will be released on October 12th. Meanwhile, I’m watching all the past episodes of the Pokemon cartoon online. Yep, I’m addicted.


Michelle Topham