Pre-order Bloody Sweet, Vol 1 webtoon in English now – vampire plus school bullies, what could go wrong?

The fantasy romance vampire themed Bloody Sweet webtoon is being published by Yen Press next month.

The webtoon has been published via the South Korean webtoon portal Lezhin Comics since early 2021 but, fortunately for author NaRae Lee, Yen Press has finally been awarded the license to publish Bloody Sweet in English.

And I say fortunately as Lezhin Comics has a long history of not only refusing to pay their webtoon authors the money they were owed, but also of treating their authors very poorly. (More information about the Lezhin controversy here)


Hence why it is always a good thing when a webtoon author is able to earn recognition for their work from other companies besides Lezhin Comics.

Especially from companies that treat the authors they work with much better than Lezhin will likely ever treat theirs.


When is Bloody Sweet Volume 1 coming out in English?

The publication of the Bloody Sweet webtoon Vol. 1 in English, by the way, will occur on June 20th, 2023, followed by the second volume on October 17th.


According to Yen Press, the Bloody Sweet webtoon plot goes like this:

One eerie night, in an old, abandoned church, a girl accidentally breaks the seal of an ancient vampire who…starts following her around like a hyper little puppy! It may not be your typical vampire story, but for Naerim, a victim of school bullying, Vlad’s manic energy might be just what she needs to regain her smile!

A vampire and school bullies. What could possibly go wrong?

Bloody Sweet, Volume 1 in English will be out next month, but you can currently pre-order the webtoon via Yen Press on your favorite platform.

The volume itself will be out both in a 256-page paperback edition priced at $20, and a digital edition for $9.99.

Steve Reynolds