Pre-order Carole and Tuesday Complete Collection Blu-ray now and get pre-order bonus

The Carole & Tuesday Complete Collection blu-ray is now up for pre-order at Sentai Filmworks.

The latest anime blu-ray worth adding to your collection comes with a slew of extras, including a pre-order bonus if you order yours while supplies last.

This is what the Carole & Tuesday Complete Collection blu-ray features, and why you should buy it:


  • All 24 episodes of Season 1 of Carole & Tuesday – runtime 600 minutes
  • 2 Clean Opening Animations
  • 2 Clean Closing Animations
  • 8 Animated Shorts
  • 3 Making of… videos
  • 2 Music Videos
  • Song Lineup
  • 2 Japanese promos
  • Japanese with English subtitles, and English dub

As for the pre-order bonus if you order while they ar  still in stock, you will get a Sentai store exclusive slipcase featuring the main characters from the anime (see below).


As for the plot of Carole & Tuesday, this is how Sentai describes it:


It isn’t easy being an orphaned refugee, especially when you’re not on the planet where you were born, but Carole Stanley still has big ambitions. However, while she dreams of forging a career in music, something isn’t quite right yet. There’s a spark that’s missing.

Tuesday Simmons has lived a life of comfort, so no one expects it when the shy young woman suddenly runs off to another city, taking little more than her beloved guitar and a need to perform with her.

When they meet, Tuesday’s spark ignites Carole’s fire, and their musical ambitions begin burning anew. Achieving their dreams will be hard in a world where music is created by AIs, but if they don’t give up, soon all the worlds will know the names CAROLE AND TUESDAY!

Sentai is also reporting there will be a Limited Edition of the Carole & Tuesday Complete Collection blu-ray on its way soon.

The first season of the Carole & Tuesday anime aired Apr 11, 2019 to Oct 3, 2019. Watch its trailer below.


Steve Reynolds