Pre-order Friday at the Atelier Vol 1 in English now – the rom-com manga is just lovely

Slice-of-life manga Friday at the Atelier finally being published in English

The first volume of the utterly lovely comedy romance manga Friday at the Atelier by Sakura Hamada is finally being published in English.

Yen Press will be releasing Friday at the Atelier, Volume 1 on May 1st, 2024, with the manga now up for pre-order on various online platforms via their website.

And, if you love a relaxing slice-of-life manga with a gorgeous art style that quickly pulls you in, this is one of those oh so satisfying works.

The manga’s story is described by publisher Yen Press like this:

Tamaki, a woman who’s grown tired with her life, is one day asked by the famous painter Shunsui Ishihara to become his model. Not just any model, that is—a nude model.

But when she accepts without hesitation, Ishihara is taken by her peculiar response and somehow falls for her…!?

The misaligned love life between an oblivious girl and a handsome but extremely self-conscious artist begins here! 

But what that description doesn’t tell you is what a lovely slow burn the manga provides.

Especially as the story is populated with two main characters that, while beautiful, they are both more than a little strange.

So strange, neither of them seem to even entertain the idea of falling in love with each other until, feelings slowly creep up on them. And then they do.

Don’t expect a story full of excitement, melodrama or loads of heart-ache and tears, as their relationship isn’t that.

Instead, it is a sweet story of how two people, both struggling in their own way, find each other.

The 194-page Friday at the Atelier, Volume 1 will be published in English on May 21st, 2024, with Volume 2 due out in August.

Pre-order via their website now.

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