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Pre-Order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Get Cloud Strife’s Uniform and Buster Sword (Video)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII isn’t releasing until February 11th, 2014 in North America and three days later in Europe. Yet, Square Enix already wants your money.

What do I mean by that? I mean, Square Enix has already put up a pre-order Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII offer eight MONTHS before the game even releases. Eight months for Square Enix to make interest on your money while you make none. Eight months for you to have paid for a game and yet get nothing for it. Not until release date.

Unfortunately, there are stupid gamers out there. Many of them, it seems. So you can guarantee a whole slew of stupid-with-their-money gamers will pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as soon as they possibly can.

After all, if you do pre-order the game, you get three useless pieces of extra kit – a free Cloud Strife’s soldier uniform, a soldier’s band and oooh yeah, a Buster Sword. It really is Square Enix taking the piss.

Of course, if you’re a fool that is parted from his money easily, then you’ll also want to know where you can pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, won’t you?

Hey, happy to oblige. After all, it’s not up to me to try to teach you better financial management skills. That’s what your parents were for.

You can pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII now. Have at it.

Michelle Topham

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