Pre-order The Remarried Empress Volume 6 pre-order now – Navier and Heinrey are getting married

The ongoing Korean webnovel The Remarried Empress (aka (재혼 황후, Jaehon hwanghu) by Alphatart and artist SUMPUL has been published by Ize Press, both digitally and in print, since November, 2022 when its first volume was released.


In 2024, The Remarried Empress, Volume 6 is now on its way, with the latest volume of the fantasy romance comic coming out via Ize Press, the Yen Press imprint, on March 26th, 2024.

It is also a volume featuring an event we have all been looking forward to since we began reading Volume 1.

According to Ize Press, the plot of The Remarried Empress, Volume 6 looks something like this:

Empress Navier and King Heinrey are getting married!

Heinrey is over the moon, despite the political nature of the arrangement for now, but Navier is still reeling from the news of Sovieshu’s plan to divorce her. She must scramble to recover, though, as the emperor wastes no time in announcing his decision.

And when the day of the formal trial approaches, Navier plays her and Heinrey’s trump card – “I accept this divorce…and request an approval for my remarriage.”

The Remarried Empress, Volume 6 is also the pre-cursor to Volume 7, which is being hurried out by Ize Press in June.

In other words, if you are as addicted to the plot of The Remarried Empress as tens of thousands of other webtoon fans seem to be, you won’t have to wait too long for two more paperback volumes in the fantasy romance story.


The paperback edition of The Remarried Empress, Volume 6 consists of 272 pages, and it will arrive in its usual trim size of 5.75″x8.25″.

You can pre-order The Remarried Empress, Volume 6 now on the usual platforms via the Yen Press website.

If you aren’t a buyer of physical copies of manga and webtoons, you can also read the currently available 163 chapters of the webtoon via the official Webtoon website.