Prefab Sprout’s ‘When Love Breaks Down’: Worth A Revisit and Still as Good

prefab sprout steve mcqueen two wheels good when love breaks down


It’s Saturday night here in Bangkok and what that means is if I’m not out with friends, instead of working my usual 15 hours a day, I give myself a couple of hours off, eat some pizza, surf the internet and listen to some music.

Tonight, while doing just that, I came across this – Prefab Sprout’s ‘When Love Breaks Down’ – one of my favorite tracks from back when I used to be a radio DJ for 97X in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Back then, I loved ‘When Love Breaks Down’ so much, I practically wore a groove in the radio station’s album (yep, this was right before CDs became so commonplace), as I played it on my show every night for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Tonight, even though it’s probably 10 years since the last time I heard it, I’m loving it again just as much as I did back in the mid-1980s.

And, yes, just in case you’re wondering, Prefab Sprout are still together – in fact, they’ve been together since 1982 although some of the members have changed.

The incredible songwriter Paddy McAloon is still the frontman, however, and even though he’s been suffering from ill health for a few years now (Ménière’s Disease), he’s still writing his gorgeous songs.

Not sure if Paddy McAloon and Prefab Sprout could ever top ‘When Love Breaks Down’, though, no matter what they do. At least not for me.

Listen to it below and remember how glorious music was back in the 80s.