Prince Andrew Abseils From 87th Floor of The Shard for Charity (Video)

Prince Andrew abseiled down The Shard yesterday. It’s Western Europe’s tallest building and, at more than 1,000 feet in height, was probably quite intimidating when he set off.

Along with 40 other people, Prince Andrew chose to do the abseil for charity, raising money for The Outward Bound Trust and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

To be allowed to join the only group that will ever be allowed to abseil down The Shard, you had to be able to donate or raise at least £25,000.

Of course, like anyone would, at the top Prince Andrew looked scared. But, once he stepped off he said “all you have to do is sit down” and he started to get into the groove from there.

The abseil was done in three different stages, as the weight of the rope the participants needed to carry was too heavy for just one stage.

Among the others who participated was Sir Chris Bonington, 78, conquerer of Everest and the Eiger, who did it just like we would taking a walk in the park. William Hague’s wife, Ffion Hague, also did it, leaving some to comment how “brave” she was.

For more information about The Shard abseil, check out this excellent Guardian article or look at The Descent of The Shard’s website. You can even donate directly to the charities from there.



Michelle Topham