Prince EA ‘Why I Think This World Should End’ – God, This Made Me Cry (Video)

Prince EA Why This World Should End

Prince EA is a rapper out of St. Louis, Missouri, and he has just released a new video for his latest song ‘Why I Think This World Should End“.

A song about all the problems and tragedies we face in the modern world — the environment, police corruption, the economy, racism, violence, lying politicians, the extinction of animals, a terrible education system, world run by corrupt corporations, people so polarized they stick to what they believe rather than spending their time taking care of the people living around them.

A fucked up world, and one that should probably end if it continues like this.

But Prince EA, he has a solution.

“We can love. Not the love you hear in your favorite song on the radio. I mean real love, true love, boundless love. You can love, love each other, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Perform an act of kindness, because that is contagious.

We can be mindful during every interaction, planting seeds of goodness, showing a little more compassion than usual. We can forgive, because 300 years from now will that grudge you hold against your friend, your mother, your father have been worth it?…

Once we truly love, we will meet anger with sympathy, hatred with compassion and cruelty with kindness. Love is the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth.

God, this made me cry.

Watch the video for Prince EA’s ‘Why I Think This World Should End‘. It is utterly, utterly beautiful.


Michelle Topham