Prince George Walking at Father’s Day Polo Match

prince george

As if it wasn’t awesome enough to see photos of how big Prince George is already getting (Prince William and his wife Katherine aren’t photographed in public with their son that much as yet), yesterday’s photographs are even better than normal for we besotted Brits as they show Prince George…..walking.

Yes, Prince George, who was at a Father’s Day polo match with his mum and dad, was actually photographed practicing a few baby steps while clinging tightly to mum Katherine’s hand. Dad, of course, was on a horse playing polo.

Quite an achievement for Prince George, I’d say, as he hasn’t even hit his first birthday yet. That’s next month.

The photographs were taken of the young royal family at a polo match at Cirencester Park Polo Club, but all eyes were on Prince George and his mum instead of his second-in-line to the throne father.


For an entire gallery of photographs of Prince George walking yesterday, head to the Daily Mirror.

Michelle Topham