Prince Harry Congratulates Row2Recovery Atlantic Ex-Servicemen Rowers (Video)


Britain’s Prince Harry continued his support of wounded ex-servicemen and women yesterday by heading to the Henley-on-Thames River and Rowing Museum to meet members of the Row2Recovery crew that rowed more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic earlier in the year to raise money for charity.

The prince had originally spoken to the crew back in January, when he telephoned them while on his expedition to the South Pole to wish them luck on their Atlantic voyage. A voyage that took them 48 days, 9 hours, 13 minutes but that they completed with flying colours.

Two of the men even rowed the entire way minus their prosthetic limbs, as they had to be left behind due to the possibility of damage from the extreme elements during the voyage.


The four-man team of rowers have five legs between them, as they have been heard to joke, yet that didn’t stop them finishing an incredibly rough crossing and rowing into English Harbour, Antigua to huge acclaim.

As for Prince Harry, after congratulating the men of Row2Recovery, he was given a tour of the River and Rowing Museum and even saw a demonstration of indoor rowing.


Michelle Topham