Prince Harry Puts 5-Year-Old Girl on His Shoulders to See Concert (Video)

I adore Prince Harry, and I say that will all sincerity as I really do. He’s such a nice man, so kind, charming and friendly and always smiling. Very much like his late mother, Princess Diana, of course. So, it probably shouldn’t be any surprise Prince Harry has hit the news again today for doing something nice – hoisting a five-year-old girl from a concert crowd onto his shoulders so she could see the Foo Fighters sing.

It all took place at the Invictus Games’ closing ceremony concert, where 5-year-old Isabelle Nixon wanted to see the band.

The Invictus Games, of course, is Harry’s darling – an athletic competition for injured veterans — and it’s where Isabelle’s father, Adam Nixon, had been captain of the United Kingdom’s wheelchair basketball team.

Prince Harry spotted Isabelle craning to see what was happening and went over, picked her up, and put her on his shoulders.He then proceeded to dance with her to the music Foo Fighters played.

Seriously. How nice is that?

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Michelle Topham