RADWIMPS’ ‘Twilight’ music video celebrates band’s new album and 100 volumes of One Piece

Iconic Japanese rock band RADWIMPS’ Twilight‘ just got an official music video.

A high-energy video that features the amazing band performing the song on a darkened stage in an enormous, but completely empty auditorium.

RADWIMPS‘ ‘Twilight‘ is the official theme song for ‘We Are One‘ — a drama project made to celebrate the 100th volume of the One Piece manga series by Oda Eiichiro, and 1,000 episodes of the anime series based on it.

We Are One‘ is a five episode short drama series, directed by Mika Ninagawa (FOLLOWERS), and produced by Toei Animation and Shueisha.

It is a mix of live action and animation featuring five different casts acting out five different story.

Each episode is 10 minutes in length or less, and each story relates real life in some way to One Piece.

Learn more about the very cool project on the ‘We Are One‘ official website, and then watch all five episodes down below.

They are very good.

As for One Piece, the manga has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump for an astonishing 24 years, no wonder it deserves a special drama series, eh?


Watch RADWIMPS’ ‘Twilight‘ music video below.

The band is also celebrating today, as the rocking song not only celebrates One Piece, it is also one of the tracks on the band’s 12th studio album Forever Daze.

That album was released in Japan today via EMI.

You can listen to it in full waaaaay down at the bottom of this post.



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