Ralph Fiennes Frightened Children When Playing Voldemort on Harry Potter (Video)

ralph fiennes graham norton voldemort

Actor Ralph Fiennes appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night where he talked about playing Voldemort in the Harry Potter films. According to Fiennes, he knew the prosthetics and the make-up were working perfectly when he walked past the young son of the script supervisor and the boy burst into tears. Which, of course, thrilled the actor no end.

Fiennes also told the Graham Norton audience how the robes he wore as Voldemort were not as impressive as they might think. Not only did he keep tripping over them because they were so long, but he also had to wear women’s tights underneath them, which kept falling down so much the gusset was soon around his knees.

How did he fix the problem? Watch the video below to find out.