Ray’s The Dead Greenlight Video Makes This Zombie Game Look Like Fun

Ray’s the Dead is a new zombie game from Ragtag Studio with a difference. In Ray’s the Dead, instead of you chasing and killing the zombies, the zombie (namely Ray who has just recently arisen) is played by you. Your goal is to find out how you died, why you died and who killed you and, of course, what on earth are you doing back here as a zombie.

I’ve seen mutterings about Ray’s the Dead at various gaming sites around the internet, and all of them were good, so was psyched to see a new Ray’s the Dead Greenlight video put up on YouTube by Jesse Cox (Omfgcata) and Josh Mattingly (indiestatik) yesterday. In it they take a look at Ray’s the Dead – a game they believe well deserves to be ‘greenlit’ on Steam.

Check out the Ray’s the Dead Greenlight video below to see what they have to say about the game as well as what a bit of beginning gameplay looks like. Cute, eh?

And, just a reminder, Ray’s the Dead is also going to be a PlayStation 4 game if you don’t play games on PC or, like me, can’t stand Steam.