Reese Witherspoon and Make-Up Artist Molly Stern Have a Lovely Relationship (Video)

reese witherpoon molly stern

There’s a fabulous video of actress Reese Witherspoon and her make-up artist Molly Stern that was filmed for The Hollywood Reporter recently. It was done for The Beauty Issue, and it’s just Reese and Molly talking about how they met, which looks Reese has had on red carpets were their favorites and, of course, a little bit about make-up tips.

But what is lovely about this video is how Reese Witherspoon and Molly Stern, who have worked together and been friends since the mid-1990s, obviously love each other so much. And what a fabulous relationship they seem to have together.

Watch Reese Witherspoon and Molly Stern talk about make-up and each other in The Hollywood Reporter video below. But do ignore the disastrous lighting, as I’ve stood a foot away from Reese Witherspoon in real life and she is much much prettier, and far less ‘grey looking, than that.


Michelle Topham