ReoNa’s “Shall We Dance?” music video features epic dance routine, slightly creepy atmosphere

ReoNa’s “Shall We Dance?” music video is high-energy, creepy and perfectly fits the Shadows House atmosphere.

Shadows House Season 2 is now airing and, along with its fabulous story, this season of the supernatural drama anime also features superb opening and ending theme songs.

The Shadows House Season 2 opening theme song — “Shall We Dance?” by ReoNa –, however, really hits the spot.

Especially when you watch its just released music video.

That’s because ReoNa’s “Shall We Dance?” music video not only manages to encapsulate the creepy atmosphere of Shadows House, it also features an absolutely epic, incredibly cool, high-energy dance routine.

A dance routine ReoNa, and the many dancers behind her, seem to be having a blast performing.


ReoNa’s ‘Shall We Dance?‘ CD cover art work

Throw in that the song itself is a banger, and that is has a gorgeous jazz segment, and ReoNa’s “Shall We Dance?” is already one of my favorite anime themes of the year.


Watch ReoNa’s “Shall We Dance?“music video below.

The song itself is ReoNa’s sixth single, and will be officially released in Japan on July 27th.

Meanwhile, Shadows House Season 2 is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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