Review: Big City Adventure: London Story – Lots of Gameplay, Fun Puzzles

It could be because I am British, but I absolutely loved Big City Adventure: London Story. A fun HOPA (Hidden Object, Puzzles, Adventure) game, it’s packed with historical tidbits about British history, visits just about every major historic and tourist attraction in London, and includes so much gameplay, this one takes a long time to finish.

The fifth in the Big City Adventure series (New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Vancouver being the previous four), Big City Adventure: London Story has you going backwards and forwards over half of the city, picking up objects you’ll use later, solving mini-puzzles and, of course, completing many hidden object scenes.

All this gameplay is interspersed with conversations with local Londoners (the British accents aren’t too bad with most of the characters), and then running errands for them, or picking up specific items they need.

The game is bright and colorful, the gameplay is relaxing and quite easy (except for the bit where I got completely stuck separating marbles for two little kiddies), and the story line is interesting enough it keeps you playing.

Each hidden object scene also has Hint Coins you can pick up, which give you an extra hint, but the hints themselves refresh so fast you don’t really need the coins if you can’t find them (they’re easy to spot though!)

The game has a beautiful little map, which makes it easy to go backwards and forwards from place to place, and an in-game walkthrough with details of where to find everything, as well as how to finish certain segments.

The developers have also added a lot more Skips in this game, than in Big City Adventure: Vancouver, so if you don’t want to play a mini-game or puzzle, you can wait for the Skip option to refresh and jump right over it. (I did a couple of them with the old Egyptian scrolls you have to translate, as the tiny hieroglyphs were making me go blind).

Of course, each skip adds 30 minutes to your gameplay, but as I wasn’t playing for a fast time, but just to relax, that wasn’t important for me. It may be for you.

For gameplayers who aren’t really into the adventure-hidden-object-puzzle games, but just prefer a straight linear hidden object game with a few puzzles thrown in, a second version has also been released at the same time – Big City Adventure: London Classic – which will still keep you busy for a long time.

If you love HOGs or adventure games, I think you will enjoy Big City Adventure: London Story just like I did. Honestly, I don’t think you can get a better deal for the price. Both games will be released tomorrow.

Both games have free game downloads at Big Fish Games, which also means you can test them out before you buy. What are you waiting for?

Big City Adventure: London Story

Big City Adventure: London Classic


Michelle Topham