Review: Farm For Your Life: Worth Buying or Must Avoid? (Video)

I don’t like farming games. There, I’ve said it. At least not the farm simulation types of games similar to Farmville. They are unimaginative, they have been done over and over again and, frankly, they’re boring. So, you might be asking, why did I play Farm For Your Life this week and why am I even bothering writing a review on it?

Simple. As farm simulation games go, Farm For Your Life is actually quite a good one. Add in the ‘survive the zombie apocalypse’ feature that the game has and it becomes pretty great. It’s also a game that you become addicted to incredibly fast — if you get through the first hour of gaming, that is.


Don’t Give Up In The First 10 Minutes

Now let me start by saying I’ve read the bad reviews of Farm For Your Life and, if I had only played the first few minutes of this farm simulation game as most of the reviewers had, I would probably feel the same.

Farm For Your Life begins very very slowly and it takes a while before you feel you’re having any fun at all. But, grit your teeth, get through the tutorial section and, once you’ve figured out all this game has to offer it actually has a lot of gameplay, an incredible depth, tons of features and, most importantly, it’s really, really fun.

Where the game lets the gamer down is in the slowness of the tutorial and the introduction — and yes, the tutorial is a dreadful one. Sure, the developers were trying to make sure gamers understand every aspect of the game. But……with today’s fast-paced lifestyle and the ability to play a demo of the game before buying it, that was a mistake.

After all, many gamers will download Farm For Your Life, spend a couple of minutes trolling through the tutorial section, think “God, this is boring” and give up.


Don’t, don’t, don’t do that as, if you do, you are missing a very good game and, for only $6.99, an incredible amount of bang for your buck.

Farm Simulation Game and Tower Defense

Farm For Your Life is an fun game as it’s a great mix of a farm simulation game and tower defense. What that means is you have to make sure your farm is up and running, everything is growing properly, nothing is missing being watered, wood is chopped, crops are planted and, oh yes, you must defend yourself and your property from the hordes of zombies who show up at night. Otherwise……you and the crops you are growing are history.

So, how do you defend yourself from zombies? Seeing as how this is a non-violent game (it’s a wonderful game for kids), you don’t have any guns. What you do have, however, is food and if you throw enough of it at the oncoming horde, they’ll eventually back off and leave. It’s like a food fight. With zombies. .

Farm For Your Life Has Everything But The Kitchen Sink

What makes Farm For Your Life even better than just a farm simulation game and tower defense, however, is all the other features of the game. Not only do you get to run a farm and fight zombies, you can also own and operate a restaurant, get upgrades, solve mini puzzles, raise chickens and even shelter survivors of the zombie apocalypse, if they’ll help you run the farm that is.

Is Farm For Your Life Worth Buying?

Well, let’s see. If you want three-games-in-one — Plants and Zombies, Diner Dash and Farmville — or at least a game that plays like a much calmer version of these three smash hit games, but all in the same game, yep, it’s an amazing deal. And, with two game modes — Story and Endless Play — you could play Farm For Your Life for years and never come to an end.

It definitely has its drawbacks, the tedious tutorial being the main one, but if you get through the first hour of the game, you’ll find an absolutely lovely game waiting for you. One you’ll enjoy even more than Farmville and you won’t even have to buy in-game items to keep playing.

You can find out more about Farm For Your Life at the game’s website, or you can just buy it either there or at Big Fish Games.


Michelle Topham