Revolution of The Daleks gets pre-show video with 45-minutes of Doctor Who Dalek history

When it comes to the most known and most iconic Doctor Who villain, you would be hard-pressed to name anyone other than The Daleks.


The Daleks have been featured in Doctor Who since 1963, with an appearance in every one of the latest series of the sci-fi show since 2005.

Ask any Doctor Who fan to name their Top 3 Doctor Who villains, and few will skip The Daleks.

That is why, 2021’s New Year’s Day Doctor Who special is a 70-minute episode called ‘Revolution of the Daleks’.

A show the Doctor Who YouTube account is promoting with a just-released 45-minute long video of key moments in Dalek history.

The video shows scenes featuring The Daleks from 2005-2019. Scenes most fans will immediately recognize as soon as they appear.


They include:

  • A scene from the Doctor Who New Year’s Special ‘Revolution of the Daleks‘ with just one Dalek annihilating an entire unit of soldiers, including those in a tank and the tank itself.
  • That scene in the episode “Dalek” when the Ninth Doctor and Rose end up in an enormous Utah bunker owned by a private collector of space-related artefacts, only to discover one of them is a living Dalek. A Dalek the Doctor calls “a great space dustbin” as the Dalek is initially unable to kill.
  • The episode ‘Victory of The Daleks‘ from the new Fifth Series of Doctor Who, released in 2010, when the Eleventh Doctor is with Churchill and his companion Amy Pond on the roof of a building in London and he discovers Churchill is using Daleks as his secret weapon against the Germans.
  • Another scene from Dalek history, this time from ‘Daleks in Manhattan‘ from the 2007 Doctor Who series when the Doctor and Martha arrive in The TARDIS in 1930s New York only to find The Daleks base of operation is in the Empire State Building. The pair soon discover The Daleks’ plan to become ‘the masters’ of the human race by creating ‘human Daleks’ — Daleks merged with humans.
  • A segment from ‘Into the Dalek‘ from the 2014 series and the Twelfth Doctor’s first encounter with The Daleks when he and Clara become part of a miniaturized team sent inside a Dalek.
  • Asylum of the Daleks‘ from the 2012 Series Seven, when Clara is introduced to the audience as ‘”soufflé girl’.


The 45-minute video promoting the 2021 holiday special ‘Revolution of the Daleks’ includes scenes from many other episodes featuring the iconic villain.

Watch it below and remember.

The next appearance of The Daleks will be in the upcoming New Year’s special 2021 ‘Revolution of the Daleks‘.  It airs on BBC One on New Year’s Day.


Michelle Topham